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Why and How to Automate Your Marketing Right Now

automate your marketing

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You or your marketing team perform a huge number of tasks to complete each aspect of your marketing, and the time and effort put into marketing can be expensive. To improve marketing efforts, you should instead take steps to automate your marketing.

According to HubSpot, marketing automation is “using software to automate marketing activities.”  Automation not only saves you money, but also helps your marketing do better, because it completes repetitive marketing tasks that help you scale and focus on managing leads. It makes marketing more efficient and effective.

Why Automate Your Marketing?

Businesses decide to invest in automation tools because of the benefits that brings to their processes and company as a whole. Over 65% of marketing leaders are already using an automation platform or tool around the world.

Marketing automation helps to manage and centralize lead nurturing, lead generation, customer retention, and ROI measurement. Some of the benefits are:

It helps you use data better

If you automate your marketing, you can increase your ROI by analyzing the marketing data you have and using it in the best way. If you’re using your budget at random and not analyzing the results, you may lose money. Automation can ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily make the most profit.

It helps you follow up more easily

Following up on customers through every part of the marketing funnel is a full time job. Automating allows you to follow up in a personalized and and convert those potential customers into real customers.

It helps you understand your customers

Understanding the needs, behavior, and communication preferences of your customers is key when it comes to effective marketing, and automation allows you to easily identify these factors and target them accordingly. Doing this on your own would be expensive and tedious.

Is Automated Marketing Impersonal?

Although it may seem that anything labeled “automatic” is by default cold, robotic, and impersonal, marketing automation has actually proven to be the opposite. Automation allows you to personalize your marketing based on your audience using data.

For example, automation lets you:

Automation also opens up more time and resources for you to provide personalized customer service, as well as create a better service for your audience based on the data.

Want To Create Great Customer Experiences?

Financbase is a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses reach their goals with advanced and convenient online marketing tools. Financbase developed a tool for companies whose goal is to create the perfect customer experience, called ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is a Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) that currently helps over 100,000 businesses across 170 countries meaningfully engage with their customers. This fantastic and advanced tool allows you to use machine learning, powerful orchestration, segmentation, and personalization, to send the right message across channels such as social, email, messaging, chat, text, and through many other integrations.

ActiveCampaign is also considered a Customer Relationship Management Tool that optimizes your processes so you can focus on selling and building customer relationships. What makes ActiveCampaign a popular choice for businesses is that includes many technologies in only one place like:

  • Sales & CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Messaging
  • Machine Learning

 Financbase offers reputation management, social marketing, responsive websites, review generation, listings management tools, and CRM tools that make it easier for businesses to build a stronger reputation and a loyal relationship with their customers. 

Let Financbase guide you through the powerful journey of working with the greatest customer experience automation platform. 

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