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What is Customer Experience (And Why It Matters For Your Business)

customer experience

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When you think about customer service, you remember an incredible or awful experience that determined if you will return to that place. Customer service is key to any business’ success, and happy customers are the ones that boost revenue and every company’s growth.

Positive customer experience will promote the business for you by creating loyal customers, promoting the business through word-of-mouth marketing, and advocating for your brand and product or service.

Let’s explore the basis of customer experience and why it matters for your business.

Understanding Customer Experience

Customer experience, also known as CX, results from every interaction a customer has with your business, from navigating the website, talking to customer service representatives to receiving the product or service. Two elements define the perception of their experience with your business or brand:

1.Customer Perception

Customer perception is the result of single or multiple interactions with a brand that covers different customer life cycle phases. Keep in mind that a single interaction can ruin a client’s perception.

2.Customer Interactions with Your Brand

Customer interactions with a brand are the different touchpoints a client experiences throughout the selling journey. For example, talking to customer support agents or visiting your e-commerce site, etc.

The Importance of Customer Experience

In today’s world, customers are well-informed and more connected than ever. With a growing number of communication channels, brands are increasingly turning to technology platforms to improve customer experience across the board. Plus, the better the experience customers have, the more positive reviews a business receives, reducing the impact of customer complaints and returns.

Customer experience is a key differentiator and driver for growth that impacts customer’s feelings and perception by one or multiple interactions with employees, online platforms, channels, or products. A business’s sustained growth is determined by promoting brand loyalty, retaining customers, and encouraging brand advocacy.

Customers Have Endless Options

The internet provides customers endless options to choose from at one click away. An awful customer experience will force a customer to look for other alternatives. That’s why it is vital to guarantee a remarkable experience that motivates customers to continue purchasing your products and recommending them to friends and loved ones.

Impact Your Customer’s Perception with Financbase

The way you think about customer experience impacts how you look at your business as a whole. Everything you do affects your customers’ perception and their decision to keep coming back or not—so an excellent customer experience track record could be your key to success.

Deliver a highly personalized customer experience in-store and online with Financbase. We monitor and manage your business’s reputation, gather customer experiences, and boost your growth with happy customers’ feedback.


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