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What Can You Do With Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is an underrated marketing tool for any business. Although it may seem like emails are unwanted, customers open and engage with emails from brands they like — and email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media.

Let’s explore why email marketing can help your business and how you can use it.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Low cost: Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing has a low price — there’s no ad spend or expensive service. All you need is a great email marketing platform to help you with your campaigns.

Customers ask for it: Unless you’re buying email lists (which we don’t recommend), your customers are opting in to your emails. They want to hear from your business, get advice, receive information on sales and deals, and have that personalized communication with you, which means that email marketing will be a positive experience.

Drives revenue: Email marketing is an excellent way to drive revenue and very useful for impulse buying. You can promote a 24-hour sale, for example, and see immediate revenue as a result. The average return on investment for email marketing is 122%.

What Can You Do With Email Marketing?

Retarget customers: Retargeting customers is the idea with most digital marketing strategies, but it works particularly well with emails. With email marketing, you can reach out to customers who visited your website, left items in their cart, or bought something, and reconnect with them. Retargeting can boost your sales and audience engagement.

Offer a free asset in exchange for information: A great way to generate leads is to send out an email with a free downloadable, like an ebook or a video tutorial. You can ask for customers’ information and use it to engage and close more leads in exchange.

Promote content: Through newsletters and update emails, you can send your customers your latest content, such as videos, blog posts, etc. Helping promote your content and get even more views, reads, and engagement from them.

Promote your products and deals: Bring in revenue by promoting new and old products and offering deals or promoting a sale. Customers often keep an eye on emails for discounts and sales, mostly, which can bring in a lot of quick revenue.

Boost brand awareness: Sending emails about your business keeps it top-of-mind for customers, reminding them that you exist and provide value. When they’re ready to buy, customers will remember your brand more easily.

Start Your Email Campaign Now

For an effective email marketing campaign, you need an easy-to-use platform with beautiful and functional designs. Financbase has developed the all-in-one tool to do not just your email marketing but also CRM, sales, and marketing automation to generate more leads and engagement. With our Active Campaign tool, you get:

  • A CRM to organize your customer data
  • Drag-and-drop email designs
  • Messaging to connect with your audience
  • In-depth reporting
  • And more.

Purchase a monthly subscription to this powerful tool and start engaging with customers through email and more now.

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