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4 Ways You Can Use G Suite To Collaborate With Your Team

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A web-based product small business owners shouldn’t live without in today’s digital landscape is none other than G Suite. Once considered just an email business solution, launched in 2006 as Google Apps rebranded back in 2016 as G Suite. Nowadays, G Suite serves as one of the best email solutions on the market. G Suite has essentially introduced small business owners to the idea of scalability and versatility found in big corporations to their small business counterparts.

G Suite is much more than just email, which now offers unlimited and unique access to Google’s professional tools and features such as- Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Admin, and more. As your business grows, Google’s G Suite is the perfect platform to ensure efficient communication between teams and promote company growth.

Let’s explore four ways you can use G Suite to collaborate and grow with your team.

Host Video & Voice Meetings

Currently, connecting with team members based in different locations is key to being successful. G Suite offers a smart solution, through Google Meet, that allows all team members to connect from anywhere in the world, at any time.

You can host virtual events, exchange ideas, and work on team projects. Plus, Google Meet is fully integrated with G Suite so that you can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or email invitation.

Secure Team Messaging

G Suite allows your employees to have their own Gmail accounts with an email address from your company’s domain name. For example, In this case, your company owns the email accounts, not your employees. Therefore, if a person no longer works for your company, you have the option of deactivating their account. After this, they won’t have access to your business’ information.

Data Security Guaranteed

G Suite ensures data security by storing all your business documents and data in the cloud. Don’t worry about saving your files on your computer or personal devices. With G Suite, information is stored in data centers worldwide, and you and your team have unlimited access to company information at any time.

Stay Organized With Google Calendars

Google Calendar is essential to maintain an organized schedule. Google Calendar provides the ability to create multiple calendars accessible to everyone in your company or calendars with preferred roles. Perfect for holiday events and conference calls or weekly team meetings. You can also access your team members’ calendars to see when everyone is available and keep track of appointments, training events, vacations, and more.

Edit Documents in Real-Time

Google Drive allows you and your team to work on the same documents at the same time. All edits are shown in the document’s history and saved in the cloud. No need to email files back and forth; by using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you can simultaneously edit, chat within files, and provide feedback.

Unlimited Storage Space

As mentioned above, G Suite is a cloud-based platform, which provides an unlimited amount of storage for your photos, files, documents, and emails. Allowing you to store, access, and share your files in one secure place and have easy access to them from any device. G Suite’s Business, Enterprise, and Teams editions guarantee unlimited storage.

Take Your Business to The Next Level

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