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How to Use Google My Business To Increase Sales

google my business

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Technology has become a friend to businesses and end-users all around the world. One of the most powerful technology companies is Google, and for good reason. You have probably used more than ten Google apps over the last 24 hours — tools such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Translate, Chrome, Youtube, etc. All of these are just a few products that people use on a daily basis to find the information they need about a product, service, or topic.

So, if end users utilize apps like Google Search and Google Maps when looking for something they are interested in, companies need to be exactly where customers are searching. That’s exactly when Google My Business comes into play. 

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online directory listing that helps companies to create a business profile and connect with customers right at the moment that it matters. So every time users search for a product or service, Google shows a list of Google My Business listings for the end-user by considering things like the user’s location and language.

Some companies don’t realize that Google My Business is an impressive SEO and lead generation tool that can help them rapidly to achieve their goals. However, creating a GMB Profile is not enough. A business profile must be optimized in order to improve users’ experience, enhance the local ranking, and boost sales. 

How to Optimize Your Profile

These are a few techniques to set up and optimize GMB in order to boost your sales:

  • Complete your business information to get found by your customers.
  • Choose more than one category and add services to increase your reach.
  • Write descriptions for the services to inform and convince customers.
  • Shared appointment links to give direct access to your potential prospects,
  • Create GMB posts weekly to increase visibility.
  • Add new photos weekly to be more relevant.
  • Set up messaging to communicate with customers.
  • Follow up on reviews to create a strong reputation.

Applying these techniques to your profile will make the difference when it comes to getting more organic traffic to your website, more organic calls and messages, or more requests of your business’ address.

You can easily check the progress in the section of insights and monitor the growth of your business in regard to the views that get from both listings (search and maps) plus the summary of customers’ action within a month.

How It Helps Your Sales

An optimized Google My Business profile puts your business in front of customers when they’re looking for a service or a business like yours.

Not only does this make it more likely that they’ll choose to buy from you, but an optimized profile will have phone numbers, addresses, and a website easily accessible to a user. This means a potential customer can easily contact your business, visit your store, or make a purchase online.

Also, posting and/or updating information constantly, especially with promotions and new products, can help boost sales.

Triple Your Results With A Listing Building Solution

Although Google My Business is an amazing tool to increase your reach and sales, there are several online marketing tools out there that can help you grow your business, especially if you integrate it with Google My Business. Listing Bundle is one of them.

Listing Bundle is a listing management tool developed by Financbase, that ensures your loyal customers and potential prospects are finding you and allows you to manage interactions with them.  This great tool for local businesses contains 3 items:

If your goal is to get found by your customers, generate traffic to your website, and grow revenue, the best way to do it is through this comprehensive business listing solution. You can do amazing things like:

  • Manage your online presence in one place
  • Integrate it with Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (at no extra charge)
  • Keep your customers up-to-date
  • Check Google Insights and monitor your customer’s activities

The good news is you can get started for free and then upgrade your management tool to make sure you have all the data that will ensure your business grows and succeeds. 

Financbase helps local businesses reach their goals with advanced and convenient online marketing tools like Listing Bundle. It also offers other tools related to reputation management, social marketing, responsive websites, and review generation.

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