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reviews for your business

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Word of mouth has tremendous power in the traditional market: many of us have visited a restaurant someone recommended, or bought a product based on someone else’s experience. Online, digital word of mouth has emerged in the form of reviews.

The decision to purchase something is commonly influenced by factors such as price, the quality and the main features of the product or service. But an underrated (and perhaps crucial factor) that influences shopping is reviews. 

What’s a Review?

Reviews are evaluations that customers leave online after they have experience with a company, product or service. It is often a rating of 1 to 5 stars, which then averages out to give the business an overall rating. However, they also often involve a comment, meaning a more qualitative rating describing the customer’s experience. Both aspects of a review matter.

Why Do Reviews Matter?

Word of mouth and the opinions of customers like themselves is extremely important to consumers, and technology has only made reviewing easier. Apps like Yelp and YouTube review videos are common places for customers to look up products they’re interested in.

72% of customers will only use a business if they read a positive review. Reviews are important information to a customer, and with ratings accessible in the palm of their hand, these reviews are more visible than ever. Getting a handle on them can be a key factor in acquiring new customers.

5 Ways To Get More Reviews

You may think reviews are completely outside of your control, aside from providing good service and a quality product. However, you should be encouraging more customers to leave reviews, and making it easier for them to leave them. If your product is good, reviews will be positive, and the more reviews the better.

Here are some ways to boost your review count and bring in new customers.

  1. Add a review reminder on your website

Add a pop-up, button, or top bar on your website to remind visitors to leave a review. Link the CTA to your Yelp profile or Google My Business Profile. Google My Business is an especially important profile, since it will come up in organic searches when people are looking for products like yours.

  1. Respond to the reviews

Responding to reviews plays an essential part regarding how your customers perceive you. Humanizing your brand helps you build a good reputation, and handling issues when they come up signals to customers that you care.

  1. Train your team members

Reinforce your strategy by combining your traditional and digital channel. If it applies to your business, teach your team members to ask customers for a review whenever they see an opportunity. They can also help you manage your online reviews and respond to them.

  1. Get creative on social media

Use social media to create engagement; plan an activity that requires participants to write a review in exchange for a prize or a giveaway entry. 

  1. Ask for an email address when billing

Creating a database with your customers’ email is the perfect way to schedule a follow up email or text and request a quick review.

  1. Give them a reason to review

Details like beautiful packaging, surprise gifts, and above-and-beyond customer service make customers want to give you a review. Make them think it was their idea.

A Tool To Get More Reviews Than Ever

Financbase is a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses reach their goals with advanced and convenient online marketing tools. Our WebVoice Business tool turns customers’ experiences into stars. WebVoice helps you:

  • Easily ask for reviews in a way that’s most convenient for your customer
  • Make sure you’re present on popular review sites
  • Gather real reviews from real, happy customers

Having this powerful feedback tool as part of your marketing tools gives you the flexibility to request reviews through different channels like emails and messages, and benefits your SEO efforts by helping you build a strong reputation.Getting new reviews doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Manage everything through a useful business tool like WebVoice Business. Get started today, gain the trust of your new clients, gather valuable feedback, and give customers a reason to pick your business.

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