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How To Make Your E-Commerce Site More User-Friendly


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Whether you’re a big or a small e-commerce business, a user-friendly and innovative website is vital to stay in the market. The improvement of customer experience is above everything, and sometimes business owners don’t take advantage of it.

Besides, customers now prefer to shop online than offline. So, as a business owner, it has become a strenuous responsibility to turn your online store as user-friendly as possible. Here are five recommendations business owners should take into consideration when redesigning their e-commerce site:

1.Intuitive Navigation

When a user visits an e-commerce website, they should land on an intuitive navigation home page. Your online store should have categories, sub-categories, and internal variations to list your available products.

Commonly, users use the navigation bar to orient themselves with the page. You can take advantage of this essential tool to guide your potential customers throughout their selling journey. You can perform A/B testing to research which positions or arrangements are better and limit the number of categories in your navigation bar.

2.Include a Search Function

A search function or search bar helps visitors find the item they want at ease, circumventing having to navigate all around the site. An excellent recommendation for an e-commerce website should be to include search filters to make it easier for users to narrow down their searches. Also, you should tag each item or product accordingly when developing your e-commerce store.

3.Mobile-Friendly Site

A mobile cell-phone has become the most important tool in every person’s hand. For this reason, you have to make your online store mobile responsive and friendly. Customers love mobile, the reason why so many professional web designers create responsive websites that fits any device ranging from a cell phone, tablets, or desktop screens.

4.Fast-Loading Pages

Your e-commerce business should offer a fast and responsive site because visiting a slow-loading website is very frustrating for customers. People don’t like to wait around for your website to load; in fact, you have approximately three seconds to catch their attention.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons why people prefer to shop online is that they don’t have enough time to visit a physical store. Therefore, they won’t have the patience or time for high loading time as well.

5.Live Chat Assistance

Live chat assistance is a great tool to engage with potential customers. Sometimes, they don’t complete the transaction because they have questions regarding a product or payment process. So, by providing real-time assistance, their questions will be answered immediately and probably purchase afterward.

Make Your E-Commerce Website Friendly With Financbase

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