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10 Best Jobs You Can Do from Home

jobs you can do from home

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Technological advances in the past two decades have transformed how business is conducted, and have created a variety of jobs you can do from home. For one, they have eliminated the restrictions and limitations imposed by geographical location, and working remotely is increasingly becoming a common employment and business model. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 4.7 million Americans worked remotely in 2019, consisting of 3.4% of the total US workforce. Another survey conducted by Buffer revealed that 84% of remote workers work from home.

With more than a billion people quarantining in their homes globally due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, adapting to working from home is important now more than ever before. Not only do businesses have to adapt, but employees should expand their job possibilities to things they can do from home.

10 Jobs You Can Do From Home

For you to start a home-based business and adapt to the current situation, you need to get your business up and running within a short time and assess your skills, expertise, and experience. This way you can choose a job that is right for you. Here are 10 home-based jobs you can do now.

Social Media Manager

In the digital age, social media has emerged as an important tool for businesses to connect and engage with their target market. To broaden their reach, businesses are engaging with consumers via numerous accounts and pages on several platforms and need someone to manage their social media accounts. You can start working from home as a social media manager focusing on reputation management.

To become a social media manager, you have to be exceptionally skilled and experienced in developing effective social media strategies for companies and businesses. Financbase offers the tools you need to start a business as a social media manager, such as SEO, Keyword Optimization, and QuickBooks to manage your finances.

Web Designer

If you can code using HTML, CSS, and other codes, or use software and visual elements to style and customize websites, you can start a home-based business as a web designer. You can also sell your skills as a User Experience (UX) designer to keep visitors engaged, or work as a User Interface (UI) designer to help businesses to improve the way users interact with different aspects of their website. 

Web Developer

Whether you are a back-end developer with expertise in designing the website’s core structure using complex software languages like Java, or you are a front-end developer focused on client-side development using HTML, you can put your skills to work by starting a home-based business. You can also start a business to sell your coding skills as a full-stack developer.


If you are passionate about writing, you should consider starting a blogging business. For one, starting a blogging business is easy and inexpensive compared to other jobs. Additionally, blogging offers you a wide variety of options and topics to write about. From your favorite music, sports, food, TV shows, nature, technology, and many more, you can start blogging about anything you love and eventually start generating income from your blog site.

Graphic Designer

Currently, businesses require a strong online presence to compete favorably in a technologically competitive market. This has fuelled demand for logos and visual ads. If you are a graphic designer, you can start a business to tap into the ever-increasing demand from businesses for your unique skills. 


Your consulting business can focus on selling your experience and knowledge in specific technical areas to businesses, companies, and organizations. For example, if you have experience in digital marketing, you can start a marketing consulting service business where you create strategies for businesses to implement.

Web Marketing Manager

Many businesses are leveraging the internet to gain a competitive edge and market directly to consumers through web marketing. If you have the skills to execute digital marketing campaigns, you start a business as a web marketing manager.

To this end, you will be responsible for reputation management as well as creating and implementing online marketing strategies for businesses to help them increase sales. As a web marketing manager, you will need to exploit both technical and creative opportunities offered by the internet as well as social media, SEO, blogging, vlogging, and so on.

E-commerce Store Owner

You can sell handmade or wholesale products from your home with an e-commerce store. From wholesaling to manufacturing, white-labeling, dropshipping, and subscriptions, you have five types of e-commerce business models to choose from and start earning as an e-commerce store owner. With more and more people shopping online, this is a great way to earn some money.

SEO Content or Article Writer

There are numerous freelance websites you can join if you are skilled and passionate about SEO article writing. By joining a freelance website like Upwork or Freelancer, you can write SEO articles to rank higher on Google or promotional content to market their brand and services online. In any case, you can rely on our customized SEO and keyword optimization tools

Get The Right Tools

If you’re unemployed, now is the time to find a job you can do online from the safety of your home. There are many options depending on your skills, and many tools to help you do them. At Financbase, we are dedicated and focused on giving you the tools you need to exploit your skills, start a business, and grow.

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