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What Every Landing Page Needs

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A landing page is a standalone web page for your business, usually designed to capture leads, showcase a new product, or be the first part of a sales funnel. In exchange for users’ personal information like name, phone number, and email address, companies have started to use landing pages to promote ebooks, online courses, email newsletters, product trials for free, and more.

Landing pages may seem deceptively simple to design. However, just like any other part of a marketing strategy, it has a unique goal. Its ultimate design and purpose are to take the user through an online shopping experience similar to that at a brick-and-mortar shop. A landing page should grab the user’s attention, inform with the hopes of leading them to take action, and encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

There are elements that all landing pages need to include to be optimal and effective landing pages. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Hero image, video, or animation: an engaging hero image, video, or animation is vital to capture the users’ attention when they land on a page. An eye-catching image can start their journey and encourages them to keep reading.
  • Main headlines and first CTA: Headlines and CTA (call to action) are vital when trying to deliver to the reader the purpose of the business. If the objective is not clear, people will leave or abandon the landing page. Make your headline catchy and bright. Your CTA should include a direct action, like “Buy Now.”
  • Engaging design: An appealing layout will ensure users stay longer on the landing page, so they are more likely to take action. For example, the user shouldn’t have to scroll to see your first headline, CTA, and image. Working with a professional on the design of the landing page would be ideal.
  • Compelling copy: Persuasive copy is a great way to convince potential clients to convert. The text has to be convincing, well-explained, where it showcases the business’s purpose. A great copywriter persuades visitors to click on a CTA button or fill out a contact form with their content delivery. A good or lousy copy can make the difference in how your website or landing page generates leads.
  • Lead capture form: Many websites have contact forms on their pages, but not all convert. When adding a contact form to a landing page’s layout, you must make sure the contact form is well-designed, organized, and short (only the essentials) and placed in a strategic position. A lead capture form that requests too much information may be a turn off for some users. Privacy being an issue of a sort these days has forced consumers to be more proactive in protecting their private information, you do not want to seem too pushy or “scammy.”
  • Social proof: Testimonials or reviews help businesses to build the reputation of the online presence they need. Including these on landing pages help users take action.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Optimized landing pages that are responsive to mobile devices rank better on search engines and better engage with customers.

Why Are These Elements Important?

All of these seemingly simple elements are important because they build a conversion path that engages customers and potential customers. They convince visitors to offer their personal information in exchange for any benefit such as an ebook, online course, free code for a discount, newsletter, etc. or convince them to buy a product outright.

Landing pages’ layout and structure are critical to capture potential clients and turn them into loyal customers.

Need a Landing Page? Let Us Build It!

Financbase is a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses reach their goals with advanced and convenient online marketing tools and services. One of our most popular services islanding page creation, which allows companies to focus on their business. At the same time, web designers experts build a high-converting landing page.

Financbase knows the importance of a well-designed landing page, which is why our landing pages are powered by WordPress, an easy-to-use CMS to create user-friendly and mobile-friendly websites with an eye-catching design.

The package of landing page creation include:

  • 1-page template (no navigation)
  • Up to 8 images & 400 words of content
  • Up to 5 contact form fields
  • Contact info
  • Call-To-Action
  • One text-based change to existing content
  • One image change per month to existing images
  • Maintenance, security and updating process

Let us build a compelling and high-effective landing page for your business. If you would like to see first the previous projects we have worked on, check our website portfolio today.

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