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Responsive Web Design (and Why Your Business Needs It)

responsive web design

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Responsive web design could impact your business’ sales. It sounds extreme, but the way your site appears to someone searching online can decide whether they buy from you, and since more and more people are buying online nowadays, you have to be ready for them. Your site should allow your customers to access products and services conveniently via your website.

But this is not where the story ends. Your website cannot exist in only one form — it has to adapt between a website as viewed on your computer, and a website viewed on a smartphone or tablet. These are very different, and if your site only looks good on a desktop, your sales can suffer.

This is where responsive web design comes in. 

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a simpler way to create websites that can change depending on the device they’re viewed. They respond to user’s devices.

When designing a site, the web developer and designer use flexible grids and layouts, images, and more to make sure the site adapts correctly to screen size, platform, and orientation.  Whenever your customer switches from their PC to smartphone, the website switches automatically to accommodate changes in screen size, processing capacity, and more.

From smartphones to iPads and laptops, employing responsive web design ensures that your website automatically responds to visitor’s devices. It also means that your designer doesn’t have to create several different sites.

How Responsive Design Benefits Your Business

A web design that is responsive to the user’s behavior and environment offers a wide range of benefits not only to your customers but also to your business.

Improves UX

The main and most important benefit offered by responsive web design is improved user experience (UX). From desktop to laptop, iPad, and mobile, customers can enjoy your website no matter where they’re viewing it.

By customizing your website for different gadgets and platforms, you elevate the status of the business, highlighting your professionalism and expertise. Also, when your website is easy to use, customers can find information and products more easily.


A web design that is responsive to the user’s device is more convenient for them to use. Be it on the train, in bed, or in the park, customers don’t have to rush to the location of their laptop or desktop since they can access your products and services using their mobile devices.

Providing the highest level of convenience can increase retention and customer loyalty to your brand. When a customer gets frustrated with a site, they often leave and find what they need somewhere else.

Increase sales

A majority of consumers shop online using their mobile devices. If you own an e-commerce business, a web design that is responsive to mobile users will enable your customers to shop directly from their mobile devices, leading to an increase in sales.

A better UX can capture and engage visitors long enough for them to act on their impulses and purchase the products or services offered via the website.

Improves Google Ranking

For your business to be visible to more online users, you have to be one of the top searches on Google. Optimizing for mobile using responsive web design services like WebBuilder also optimizes your website for Google’s search engine.

This is because Google ranking takes your website’s optimization and orientation into consideration. Responsive sites are more likely to rank higher. With higher ranking comes increased traffic, engagement, conversions, and profits.

Entice first-time buyers

A responsive web design can set your business apart from competitors whose websites are not optimized for other devices. If your site adapts to their needs better than your competitors’ site, customers will choose your business. With better UX, you can easily transform first-time buyers into loyal customers.

The Tools You Need

At Financbase, we are always seeking ways to help businesses succeed in the digital age. We use WebBuilder, our responsive web design service, to build out websites for you, and offer you hosting for a year as a bonus. These services eliminate the need to develop a site for each different gadget or platform used by your customers.

Alternatively, we can design your website on WordPress and hand it over for you to upload on any host or domain you like.

Take advantage of our products or services to build a responsive site and increase your customer loyalty, user experience, and sales.

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