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What Does an SEO-Friendly Website Look Like

seo-friendly website

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Everybody says that websites should be SEO-friendly to get more traffic and customer engagement. But, what’s an SEO-friendly website? It’s a site accessible for search engines to crawl and recognize its content.

Your site must be designed for your customers and search engines to understand it. Usually, businesses only care about customers and don’t know how many opportunities they’re missing with organic search.

Let’s explore the essential characteristics of an SEO-friendly website and start taking advantage of them today.

Unique Content

An SEO-friendly website has unique, relevant, and meaningful content, which means that the content should establish a strong connection between the business and users to reduce site bounce rate.

If a potential buyer spends just a few seconds on your site, search engines will know, leading to SEO issues that will penalize your rankings.

Avoid Duplicate Content

You cannot copy content from other websites and shouldn’t “copy and paste” anything. Always double-check for duplicate content, even on your site, to avoid significant issues.

Target Valuable Keywords

By targeting keywords, you’ll help your business appear in more relevant search results. Eventually, search engines will rank your site higher and drive more traffic to it.

Keyword research allows you to find the best SEO friendly terms for your site. Once you have selected the words and phrases, you can check each’s SEO value and pick the ones you’ll target.

A Good Structure

It would be best if you created your website’s structure based on your customers’ needs and preferences, and in a way that makes sense, so Google can understand it. Having many pages with confusing sections can make SEO more difficult, so make sure you keep your information on relevant pages and organize your site.

Standard pages for a website include:

  • Homepage
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Blog
  • Services

Having a service page for each service you offer is especially important, as each page can then rank on Google for the specific service’s keyword.

Additionally, you can create blogs, videos, infographics, and e-books to share more valuable information. Remember that the content must be easy to understand and that you should integrate keywords into your pages.

Unique Titles and Descriptions

A good tip is to create a unique meta title and description for every page of the website, as optimizing these will be critical for your SEO strategy. A good rule to follow is to use titles between 60 and 65 characters and descriptions of 150 characters. Some web builders don’t allow you to edit metadata, so make sure you use one like WordPress that does.

Fast Loading Pages

Fast loading websites have an advantage in ranking algorithms over slower websites. Besides, you have approximately three seconds to catch your users’ attention. Therefore, your site’s loading time has a significant impact not only on the compatibility with SEO techniques but also on your website traffic.

When improving your site’s load time, images are a great way to start. In this case, you could compress their sizes to help your website load quicker. Also, confident web builders are usually faster, so consider that when you create your site.

Make Your Website SEO-Friendly With Financbase

SEO is not an easy practice to master, but you can quickly improve your site’s performance with professional help. Financbase offers SEO-friendly website building services and works with you to increase your site’s website traffic and appear in more relevant search results.


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