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Why GoogleAds is Perfect for a Small Business


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All over the world, billions of people search on Google looking for immediate answers or product suggestions. Sixty-three thousand searches happen on Google per second, and 15% of all searches, are first time searches.

Regardless of size, any business can take advantage of Google’s network through an online advertising platform called GoogleAds. GoogleAds helps you boost your business’ sales, increase traffic, and drive leads to your website or a landing page — and it’s perfect for small businesses with lower recognition and a small budget.

Let’s explore four reasons why GoogleAds is perfect for small businesses and how to get the most out of it.

Get Fast Results

Getting seen by customers at the exact moment that they’re looking for information is a challenging task. For this reason, big companies invest in GoogleAds to get noticed by their potential clients.

If you are a small business, appearing in the top ten search results just by creating a website can prove to be a difficult task, and SEO strategies can be expensive and take time to show results. Therefore, a pay-per-click strategy is needed to reach more customers quickly.

With GoogleAds, you can start appearing at the top of search results immediately, even if your business is very new, and even if your competitors are trending. As a result, your conversions will increase, and your business will quickly gain a chance at profits.

Reach Local Customers

If you’re a local business, appearing in search results outside of your area is a waste of money. GoogleAds can target relevant searches based on a person’s location. Google’s algorithm uses a consumer’s cell phone’s GPS or their computer’s IP address for local product placement.

When potential buyers are located near you and search for something your business provides, your business will have a higher possibility of showing up in the first results due to GoogleAds. Google Ads also has different targeting location options, such as countries, areas within a country, radius targeting, and excluded locations.

Flexible Budget

Regardless of your budget, GoogleAds adapts to every business’ needs. This platform gives users the freedom to spend whatever and whenever they want to. Moreover, if you’re going to change your budget, you can do so at any time.

As a small business, you could start with a budget of just $20 per day and see results. Of course, it is not a guarantee: analyze your ads’ results to decrease or increase your ad spend accordingly. You can also stop ad spend when something isn’t working correctly. Additionally, there are many bidding strategies you can take advantage of, and you’ll only pay for the number of clicks or impressions you received.

When you feel you have a good strategy that’s getting you consistent leads and sales, you can increase your budget to see even more results.

Target Specific Searches

When creating a GoogleAds campaign, make sure your particular ad groups focus on a single product or service, so your ad will appear to more relevant customers. Being specific is one way to become relevant. Relevance tends to lead to higher quality ads, resulting in better ranking and more likelihood that your ad will appear in search results to the right consumer.

Boost Your Small Business Today

Google Ads is one of the most efficient marketing platforms worldwide. If you haven’t worked with GoogleAds before, set up an ads account. Keep in mind that this platform can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with digital marketing strategies.

Financbase designed a GoogleAds tool for small companies that want to benefit from practical and optimized advertising campaigns. Start scaling your business today with our fully GoogleAds automated platform and flexible budgets.


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